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Demurrage Allocation

Demurrage claims are a constant reality in shipping, whether you are a charterer, refinery, terminal, ship owner, shipper, receiver or trader. SGS offers a one-stop solution to the whole process, providing demurrage facilitation services to help you to reduce your demurrage claim handling burden to a minimum.

Demurrage facilitation services from SGS

Without needing to set foot in your office, refinery, terminal or the vessel, we can:

  • Gear up our team the moment you issue or receive your voyage order or cargo order 
  • Review the small print of your shipment contract, COA (contract of affreightment) or CP (charter party)
  • Monitor the start, progress and completion of the voyage
  • Advise on time available to you and potential demurrage exposure at every stage of the voyage
  • Collect time-sheets, statement of facts, notes-of-protest, pumping rate, pressure documents, etc. to prepare for a potential claim or to submit a claim
  • Once claims are submitted or received, we will verify and, if necessary, contest the claim on your behalf
  • Monitor all the time-bars imposed by COA, CP or shipment contracts and send appropriate notices on time to avoid surprises caused by time-bars 
  • Submit all charge-backs to terminal, shipper or receiver as per your secondary contracts, COAs and CPs to recover demurrages you are or will be paying 
  • Remain on hand to support you until all invoices have been paid and business has been concluded

The service we provide offers all-round benefits. Operators are happy to hand over these cumbersome processes to us, while owners are happy to get their demurrage claims resolved quickly without alienating the operators. Terminals, shippers, traders and receivers have the reassurance of knowing that SGS is keeping an eye on the whole demurrage process.

We can provide you with detailed reports on your contributing items to demurrage, demurrage per ton or per barrel over specific periods, ports, terminals, vessels, trans-shipments and other factors.

Find out how SGS can provide a complete solution for your demurrage claims handling.

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