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The Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) is a voluntary management system certification program which uses a preventative, science-based approach for managing the safe production of gluten-free food products. It was developed in consensus, following consultation with food industry experts, consumer groups and government stakeholders. A HAACP-based standard, GFCP aims to address incoming and process hazards, including undeclared gluten, as part of a manufacturer’s gluten-free self declaration and overall food safety management system.

Requirements for certification

  • The facility must have an auditable GMP/HACCP-based food safety system or equivalent in place
  • The facility must undergo an annual audit delivered by a GFCP licensed auditing company/certification body. GFCP audits may be performed as stand-alone or combined with a recognized food safety audit, such as one of the GFSI audit standards
  • All GFCP certified manufacturing facilities must validate, in their management systems, that all finished products, regardless of whether they bear the GFCP logo, meet the requirements for the allowable amount of gluten based on the regulations of the country where the product is destined for final sale
  • Ingredients used in GFCP certified products must contain 20ppm or less of gluten

GFCP Standards and Policies and GFCP Manual

Steps to Certification

  1. Apply to the GFCP program and obtain official copies of the GFCP Standards and Policies, GFCP Manual and other GFCP reference material. A one off application fee will apply
  2. Complete the GFCP Program License Agreement (PLA) and a detailed GFCP Schedule “A”, and then submit these directly to Allergen Control Group (ACG)
  3. Conduct a self-assessment or gap audit to ensure that your facility is prepared for an on-site audit
  4. Book your audit with SGS, a GFCP ISO 17021-1 accredited certifying body
  5. Pass your audit and receive a Certificate of Recognition (COR)
  6. Maintain your recognition status by ensuring you always meet the GFCP requirements, including completing an audit and updating Schedule “A” every year

Learn more about the GFCP program

What we offer

As the world’s leading inspection, auditing, certification, testing and verification company, SGS offers a range of solutions to meet your food safety needs:

  • Gap analysis and audit pre-assessment: a detailed review of your company’s existing allergen/gluten management system and benchmarking against the GFCP
  • Certification: against the GFCP. GFCP audits can either be integrated (e.g. with GFSI audits) or stand-alone
  • Customized Audits: against your own customized internal gluten-free scheme
  • Testing: comprehensive testing for the detection of gluten in foods, using either Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) testing methodologies to determine the presence of gluten at low levels
  • Training: a tailored training program, designed to meet your unique needs and covering all aspects of allergen/gluten risk management and its effective implementation

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with a food safety expert.