First Aider (Petugas P3K) Kemnaker RI Certified Training Course

First aid and CPR training room

First Aid in Accidents in the Workplace (Pertolongan pertama pada kecelakaan – P3K) based on Permenaker No: PER.15/MEN/VIII/2008 is an effort to provide first aid quickly and accurately to workers, laborers, and other people who are at work, who are sick or injured at work.

In order to anticipate the occurrence of sudden occupational health and safety disorders, it is necessary to appoint someone as a First Aid Officer (Petugas P3K) in the workplace. The First Aid Officer must receive training with a curriculum that is in accordance with the Minister of Manpower Regulation: No. 15/MEN/VIII/2008 concerning First Aid in Accidents (P3K) in the Workplace.

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Course Description

This training is designed specifically to train participants with advanced skills in first aid or any first aider and provides detailed information on assessing special situations and how to provide urgent emergency care to stabilize victims in dire conditions until the arrival of ambulance paramedics. The training also improves participants’ skill in handling a first emergency response. The course is highly comprehensive and participative, and is focused on providing the participants with the ability to provide pre-hospital care while coping with the needs of patients in the first response phase of an emergency. This training serves as an advancement for Standard and Occupational First Aiders.

General Information

Duration: 3 days
Delivery: Blended training
Language: Bahasa

Learning Objective

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to handle a first emergency response and understand the responsibilities of a first aider.

Audience Profile

Any current CPR/first aid trained, workplace emergency responders, response teams, firefighters, HSE teams, lifeguards, security, and employees.


  • Pre-test
  • Material exposures/presentations
  • Movie/video
  • Case study
  • Discussion, questions and answers
  • Conclusion and summary
  • Post test/assessment

Course Topics

  • Pre-test
  • First Aider training introduction
  • Fundamentals of First Aider training
  • Chain of survival and sequence of BLS (primary survey)
  • Respiratory and circulatory system
  • CPR, including a practical
  • Poisoning
  • Choking
  • Shock, fainting and unconsciousness
  • Burns
  • Wounds and bleeding
  • Bandage and tourniquet
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Head injury and spinal injury
  • Evacuation, lifting and moving the casualty
  • CPR practical test
  • Triage of casualty
  • Outdoor simulation
  • Applying and modification of neck collar
  • Recovery position
  • Theoretical test
First Aid Training

First Aider (Petugas P3K) Training Course Kemnaker RI Certified

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