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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the intelligent but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Risk based thinking

In the context of the current organization, it’s faced with the challenge of changing conditions and situations from outside the organization (external issues) such as technological developments, law, market competition, globalization, socio-political economic conditions locally, regionally and also globally which can affect the organization's goals, objectives and sustainability, change can also occur from conditions within the organization (internal issues) such as values, culture, knowledge and organizational performance.

On the other hand, organizations are also faced with the potential for changes in the needs and expectations of interested parties, an increased level of education brings changes to increased needs and desires so that it increasingly have a strong influence on the achievement of organizational goals, not only customers with the need for quality services and products, but also suppliers who expect sustainable cooperation, employees with the desire for a comfortable work environment, the community with the expectation of social responsibility and the preservation of the environment with the existence of the organization, shareholders who must have expectations related to sustainable growth and increased profits as well as the needs and expectations of other relevant parties in accordance with the organization.

Organizations must manage information from changes both related to internal and external issues as well as from the expectations of relevant interested parties from the organization and determine which are potential threats and potential opportunities to the achievement of organizational goals, objectives and sustainability, to then be managed by establishing processes to manage potential threats and opportunities, reviewing the effectiveness of risk and opportunity handling actions and always improving performance in managing risks and opportunities.

The process of identifying risks and opportunities from sources of internal issues and external issues; identification of needs and expectations of related parties; conduct risk assessments and plan actions to address risks and opportunities; and also evaluates and improves the performance of the risk and opportunity management process in the management system known as the concept of Risk Based Thinking.

The concept of Risk Based Thinking is proactive and is carried out continuously (on going) using a process approach (PDCA Cycle), so it is a systematic concept as a framework for dealing with change and utilizing change to achieve organizational goals.

The purpose of the organization in the context of a quality management system is the success of achieving the goal of providing services and products to customers and making continuous performance improvements, this is achieved when the organization can earn and maintain the trust of customers and other related parties, every aspect of interaction with customers provides opportunities to create more value for customers. Understanding the current and future needs and expectations of customers and related parties will contribute to the successful achievement of goals and continuous performance improvement of the organization.

SGS Academy as a global leader in professional training provide solutions for those of you who want to know more about Risk Based Thinking that can be applied to any management system. Our Risk Based Thinking training will provide an introduction to Risk Based Thinking awareness such as; understand the basis of risk management and risk-based thinking; awareness of risk management systems; interpretation of the application of hazard identification and risk assessment; and understand the use of analytical tools in a risk-based environment. Our training is developed by experts to help organizations and individuals improve their personal competencies and skills – the core support for sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

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